These are a number of book that we have used for different purposes at The Cross.  The only perfect one is the Bible, but we have major affections for the rest of these as well and find them helpful in strengthening your walk.  By following the links, The Cross would receive a small recommendation commission, however, this has no bearing in regards to what we would recommend nor does it cost you any extra.

  • ESV ends up being the preferred version of scripture at The Cross because of its faithfulness and ease.  This study version brings together a strong rooted perspective, while examining other interpretations as well.

  • This book ends up really being the starting point for leadership at The Cross as we examine how the Gospel and community go together in regards to such areas as, theology, evangelism, justice, and worship.

  • When examining your own doubts, trying to understand the doubts of others, or finding resources to answer some of the most common objections, this is a must-read in our day.

  • A beautiful look at God's greatest attribute, His Holiness.

  • If you would like a 1,000 page systematic theology book on your shelf as a resource, this is where we would recommend starting.

  • This book is a solid resource to study church history

  • As our current sermon series goes through the Gospel of John, this is a great resource to go deeper than the sermons, or your study Bible may go.

  • This book offers a theology of worship, an area of theology that is often neglected in the Christian life, but very significant to God.  This will help the reader and attender understand why we do certain things the way we do at The Cross.