We want you connected, somewhere

God refers to His children as family, and we are excited for people in Erie to connect to His family, but we realize that sometimes preferences or beliefs may cause you to connect elsewhere more easily than here, we'd be happy to help you do that.  With other churches like family members, there are some that we are closer to with beliefs, proximity, or interests.

  • Our closest family members in Erie are found within The Gospel Coalition. Millcreek is a Southern Baptist church, and where our pastor attended during college.

  • Another Gospel Coalition church, FAC is a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Known for many great programs, especially for children.

  • Also identifying with Gospel Coalition, this is a confessional Presbyterian Church in America.  Originally planted in our neighborhood, it is now located Millcreek

  • A Presbyterian church east of the city.  In our pastor's first ministry position in Erie, he would occasionally work out his Sunday morning schedule to sneak over to Faith and hear Pastor Leon preach and once The Cross began, Leon was asked to give feedback on our sermons.

  • A multi-campus church that offers excellent worship services and programs. Developing programs such as ServErie to help the community.

  • Elevate is a church that started around the same time as us and has grown tremendously.  They meet at the theater by the mall.  We've had some crossover with our worship musicians, which is done with a lot of energy.

  • A Downtown church on this list.  FUMC offers a new contemporary service at 8:30 with traditional at 10:30.  They have dinners and many programs for the downtown ethnic, college, and impoverished communities.