These are resources that we have found valuable to our ministry, and give a flavor for the kind of things that we enjoy.  Many of the listed albums we have used in our worship. By following the links, The Cross would receive a small recommendation commission, however, this has no bearing in regards to what we would recommend nor does it cost you any extra.

  • This is our album of original music, it is available as a CD for free during our Sunday Services.   The album is also available on Spotify. The album reflects our desires to be Biblically-centered, historically-rooted, and fostering creativity. 

  • This is a four song EP, and we've used just about all of them.  Scripturally saturated with the title track coming almost entirely from Revelation 21.

  • When walking in before the service at The Cross | Erie, you are likely to have some Kings Kaleidoscope playing.

  • Citizens & Saints has a strong emphasis on updating hymns, we have appreciated a certain historical rooted emphasis

  • Dustin Kensrue of Thrice and other solo projects leads this group in worship.  Particularly Bob, when leading worship at The Cross | Erie, loves to cover songs from The Modern Post.

  • You won't find any songs from this in our worship sets, but maybe a couple songs on our pre-service list, Dustin Kensrue covers everything a range that even includes Miley Cyrus, which may have lost all of our credibility in recommendations.  However, in his style, it is different.  At the same time, as a Christian, he includes some more deeply spiritual covers like "Jesus Christ" and "Down There by the Train".

  • One of our worship leaders performs this album, where struggles with his faith and idolatry are explored.  While not used in our worship sets, some songs may be caught on our pre-service playlist.