a church for the City

We are a cross-centered community that reaches the culture

Christ came on a one-man mission to reconcile us to God.  We reflect the work that Christ did on earth in His displays of mercy and compassion, as well as His proclamation of God's Word. 



We have a broad community at The Cross | Erie.  Children and parents worship with each other, homeless men sit next to school teachers, college students serve with elderly.  In spite of the differences, members in our community are a part of each other's lives, in worship, home groups, and in every day life.

The mission of our church exists outside the walls on Sunday evenings.  We gather to serve the community in many forms or interests, teaming with other non-profits.  We may serve to demonstrate the love of Christ, but often times prefer to serve with people that may have different motivations so that we can show them the love of Christ as well.

reaching the Culture

The Cross | Erie:

a church for the city.

The Gospel is ultimately about humanity being restored to God’s community. Through practicing community individuals grow fully in the grace and knowledge to be found in Jesus. Furthermore, it is through community that a fragmented world can best witness the power of the Gospel and the nature of God’s work. As a culture of confession, transformation, friendship, forgiveness, justice, power, and love springs up in the lives of normal people, those who don’t know Christ will be compelled to ask: "what is happening?"

New to The Cross | Erie?

We are excited that you're interested in knowing more about Christ and this local body of believers.

Look around the site, check out our ministries, watch a video, contact a community group, or jump in and serve with us. Regardless of how you get involved, we're glad you're here.  If you do not find it to be a fit, we are happy to connect you with other churches in Erie.