Our Beginnings

We started off as a small group meeting during the week from a few different churches.  Conversations would often turn towards a desire for deeper study, worship, community, and mission. With a desire to worship together on Sundays it was suggested that we begin a church.  We quickly began meeting on Sunday mornings at the amphitheater at Frontier Park, putting out dog bowls for the those passing by.  We continued at Frontier Park for the summer while getting incorporation, bylaws, denominational connections, and many other boring behind the scenes work before moving downtown.

Moving to Downtown

At the end of our first summer we moved downtown in an effort to serve the greatest needs.  We have ended up renting space at Basement Transmissions, turning what had been Sunday School classrooms in the basement, back into Sunday School classes.  This has helped us be in proximity to local artists that use the venue, college students, and also in the middle of a corridor that provides services to many of the most impoverished of our region.  With low-income high rises in every direction and a couple homeless shelters on our block, we provide a worship service and community to those who would not be able to otherwise get to many churches.  In the meantime, we have had the opportunity to build relationships as the hands and feet of Christ and see transformation in lives.