What do our spring break missions look like?

As a church, we have close ties and connections to Northwestern PA Cru, one of the college ministries in Erie. In the Spring of 2019 we chose to partner with them in order to show college students a different kind on ministry. 

This mission trip is designed to break down students' current perceptions and barriers toward marginalized communities, while putting them in situations that will test and push them. Even though the trip was exhausting and challenging for many attendees, they walked away with an authentic boldness that overflowed into ministry.


Our Spring Break Missions are an amped-up version of the summer mission because everyone attending will be adults and able to navigate a few more difficult situations. 

There will be opportunities to build better relationships and evangelize to the marginalized community. If your team wants to, we will also be able to send students to a local college to do initiative evangelism. 

There will be morning devotionals and training, daily work/volunteer sites, evening sessions, and daily fun activities.